We understand sometimes you have questions. We're here to provide the answers.


1) I wear a large size - will solecubes work for my trainer storage? 

Short answer, Yes. Longer answer, we designed SoleCubes with modern trainers in mind so you can purchase your trainer storage boxes with confidence knowing that we've tested them with high top trainers such as 'Nike Air Jordan 1's' up-to a size 13UK. 

2) What are the specific measurements of the boxes? 

The measurements of our shoe storage boxes are as follows: 36 x 29 x 22cm when fully assembled.

3) I'm having an issue with my order. What should I do? 

Issues with orders from us are rare. However, we're sure at some point they may occur. The best thing to do if this happens is to get in touch with us by emailing solecubeteam@gmail.com and we'll get back to you - usually on the same day!

4) Can I stack black and white boxes together?

Yes. There's no problem doing this so long as they're both the same style (drop front or drop side). This means if you can't decide on a colour for your storage boxes you can take both.