Drop Front Sneaker Display Boxes - Black

Drop Front Sneaker Display Boxes - Black

Drop Front Sneaker Display Boxes - Black

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The Ultimate Sneaker Storage.

SoleCube presents a "one size fits all" Sneaker display box with magnetic drop side closure. Keep Your Trainers On Display And Dirt Free At The Same Time. The Perfect Sneaker Storage Solution! 180° transparency means you can store and stack these boxes however your space allows whilst always keeping your shoes on display. No tools required for assembly with quick and simple "click to build" construction. 

Will They Fit High Top Shoes Standing Up?

Yes, unlike many shoe crates on the market our sneaker crates will fit your high top trainers such as Jordan 1's or jordan 4's standing up! all the way up to a size UK14!

Why Choose Our Sneaker Crates?

Stackable Boxes: Our built-in interlocking system allows you to stack your collection safely without tilt or lean. Our sneaker crates are the perfect trainer storage solution.

Premium Quality:  We use quality hard plastics to prevent cracking or snapping, as well as top quality packaging to ensure your products arrive safe.

Size:  Our sneaker containers are big enough to store most types of shoes, from Jordan 1's to Work boots or high heels up to size UK14.

Protection: stops odour dirt and dust Keeping your shoes clean and fresh our shoe storage boxes are also Ventilated with air holes in the back of the sneaker crate to allow air through to stop mould and yellowing.

Measurements: 36 x 29 x 22cm when fully assembled.